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Everything you wanted to know about the Lincoln Center renovation (but were afraid to ask)

May 20, 2009

Picture 48

If your journeys have taken you anywhere near the campus during the past few months, you can’t miss it: Lincoln Center, it is a changin’. The 60’sish white marble facade is getting a facelift courtesy of starchitects Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Alice Tully Hall is brand new. But that’s not all. There’s still a ton planned. And I’ll be totally honest, even though I come to work here every day, sometimes I’m not totally sure of what those big cranes and scaffolding are about. But as the wrapping comes off, and Lincoln Center’s 50 Anniversary in full swing, I thought I’d bring you the scoop on what’s happening around the campus.

Frequently asked questions about the transformation of Lincoln Center:

What are the basic facts I need to know?

Glad you asked. There are lots of trucks and construction going on around 65th, and our usual escalators were closed a few weeks ago. Now to reach the Walter Reade Theater, what you need to do is use a spiffy new stairway that you’ll find half-way down the block on the north side of the street. For more on how the construction may affect your visit to our theater, please visit our site.

How do I find out what’s going on with the whole 50th celebration?

From amazing free performances to where to find the mobile StoryCorps booth, check out Lincoln Center’s site for all the events around the city.

What can I look forward to?

Basically, a totally awesome giant lawn and plaza on 65th Street (see below). New theaters for the Film Society.


The great winged lawn of 65th Street

Wait a second. New theaters–is the Film Society becoming a multiplex?

Yes! We’ll be a multiplex in 2011. Before you spit out your Milk Duds, don’t worry; we’ll still keep our indie cred. You’ll just have multiple screens on which to enjoy our programming. That means even more of the good stuff.

Why is Lincoln Center called Lincoln Center?

Amazingly enough, no one is really sure. Also an interesting tidbit: Lincoln Center employs a corporate archivist.

What else?

Anthony Tommasini in the New York Times has a rather interesting and lengthy article about the renovation. Bottom line: bringing together several different artistic companies and endeavors is an ambitious and some may even say idealistic project. But all of us here at the Film Society are really excited about what the future holds.