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Tomorrow night! Kent Jones speaks with the Dardenne Brothers

May 28, 2009

They are veterans of the New York Film Festival and Cannes. Tomorrow night at 8:30, enjoy a rare sit-down with the Dardenne Brothers, as they chat with Kent Jones about a career spanning three decades. Plus, you might want to check out La Promesse at 6:40 before the screening–this breakthrough film sealed the brothers reputation for intensely naturalistic explorations of Belgian life. The film stars Jérémie Rénier as guilt-ridden 15-year-old Igor, who helps his father Roger (Olivier Gourmet) run an illegal immigrant labor network.

More on the series from WNYC’s ART. CULT blog and film critic Nathan Lee

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Before you see Button, Fight Club, Zodiac or Se7en, listen to this podcast on David Fincher

December 31, 2008

Under the Sign of Fincher is finally upon us…your chance to see the director’s most acclaimed films up on the big screen, including Se7en, Zodiac, Fight Club and the directors newest, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

In the second installment of the Critics’ Roundtable, Film Comment’s Evan Davis sat down with two trusted colleagues to discuss the films of David Fincher:

Kent Jones, Editor-at-large, Film Comment
Nathan Lee, The New York Times, Alt.Cult (WNYC)

Among the issues tackled were the development of Fincher’s career, how Zodiac may or may not be “talking” back to Se7en, the passage of time in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and the exploration of systems within Fincher’s work. Listen to it now:

[Download the MP3 here]

In related news, our special Facebook contest has a winner! Wayne Titus wants to ask David Fincher “For an ensemble piece like Zodiac do you do a lot of rehearsing with your actors before principal shooting?” Kent Jones will be on hand to interview the director about his career on Sunday at 7:30 at Rose Hall, and with any luck there will be a Q & A session after the conversation open to audience participation.

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See The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Sunday at 3

See a conversation with David Fincher on Sunday at 7:30

Do you feel lucky, punks? Then download this critical roundtable podcast on Clint Eastwood

December 30, 2008


In the spirit of Changeling being this year’s Centerpiece selection at the New York Film Festival–and that Clint Eastwood will most likely gain a bunch of Oscar nominations for Gran Torino–Film Comment decided to host some of New York’s leading critics in a discussion about Eastwood’s career as a director. Film Comment’s Evan Davis led a distinguished panel that included:

The wide-ranging discussion covers such topics as the (de)merits of Changeling, the reckoning of Eastwood the director with Eastwood the icon, Eastwood and class, the racial complexities of Gran Torino, Eastwood’s relationship to music and structure, and the director’s ultimate place within American cinema.

[Download the MP3 podcast now]

Many thanks to Glenn Raucher, Paul Brunick, and our sound man, Don Schul!

Cinema lovers rejoice! Micro-budget film school unspools tonight!

November 14, 2008

The moment cineastes have been waiting for is now here: a whole range of eclectic classics begin screening tonight as part of the Manny Farber series. See Raoul Walsh’s The Roaring Twenties at 6, or Alain Resnais’s Muriel at 8:30.

PLUS! Listen to Kent Jones talk to WNYC’s Leonard Lopate about the series.

PLUS! Read a vintage Film Comment interview with Farber from 1977!

PLUS! Check out Nathan Lee’s take on the series on the Art.Cult blog.

PLUS! See Taxi Driver scribe and celebrated director Paul Schrader introduce one of his short films on Sunday during the series!

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Film Comment Presents: Kent Jones on Manny Farber

November 12, 2008

In the latest installment of our custom-made film school for cinema fanatics, homework for the day is this podcast in which Film Comment’s Evan Davis talks with the Film Society’s own Kent Jones about the legacy of Manny Farber.

[Download the MP3]

Listen closely; there may be a pop quiz!

Check out the films in the eclectic, essential Manny Farber series.

Young Friends of Film presents: an evening with Benicio Del Toro

October 7, 2008

Benicio Del Toro, Kent Jones of the Film Society

Affable, charming and down-to-earth, Benicio Del Toro took part in a conversation with the Film Society’s Kent Jones last night at the Hudson Hotel. On his latest collaboration with director Steven Soderbergh, Che, Del Toro said: “Steven is special for me–he’s kind of like the Evil Knievel of directors and I admire him for that.”

Benicio chats with YFF members

Afterward, Del Toro mixed it up with fans at a party sponsored by the Young Friends of Film at a penthouse terrace at the Hudson Hotel.

What’s Young Friends of Film?

Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s just about the best-kept secret in the film world. For just $250 a year, you’re on the A-List for parties and events designed especially for younger film enthusiasts at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Case in point: this spirited conversation and party with celebrated actor Benicio Del Toro. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Let your Netflix queue languish while you sit in on engaging conversation with top actors about their craft, meet influential directors, and hob-nob with other discriminating film lovers all year long. All that, plus a subscription to Film Comment magazine, lots of ticket discounts and priority ticketing for the New York Film Festival. What are you waiting for? Join now and don’t miss another incredible event like this one.

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