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Road-tested classics: see a ND/NF gem at Critic’s Choice

March 30, 2009

Sometimes you’re not ready for something new, different or mumblecore. Sometimes you want to see a movie that already has some critical gravitas behind it.

Critic’s Choice is for you. All this week we’ll be showing great films that premiered in past New Directors/New Films programs and went onto New York Critics Circle recognition, critical accolades, and even Academy Award nominations.

Monday @ 3PM: Big Night – Stanley Tucci’s mouthwatering directorial debut tracks the fortunes of two brothers running an uncompromising Italian restaurant. Try the Timpano at home if you dare!

Tuesday @ 3PM: Frozen River – The little indie that could, this film earned two Academy Award nominations (for best original screenplay and best actress, Melissa Leo) in a field crowded with films that with much bigger budgets. If you missed it, come see it here.

Wednesday @ 3PM: Metropolitan – Before there was Gossip Girl, there was Whit Stilman’s pitch-perfect depiction of the lives of well-to-do Upper East Side youngsters. A classic.

Thursday @ 3PM: In the Company of Men – Anyone checking out Reasons to be Pretty on Broadway? This must-see debut was what made Neil LaBute’s name.

Friday @ 3PM: Half Nelson – Back in 2006, this flick had huge word of mouth for its idiosyncratic depiction of a troubled drug-addicted high school teacher and his unlikely friendship with a student. Filmmakers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will be at the Film Society on Sunday to talk about their creative process as well.