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Video Q&A with Mike Leigh and Sally Hawkins

October 17, 2008

Video courtesy of Kevin Lee.

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Mike Leigh on “the journey of discovering what the film is”

October 3, 2008

Fresh from the Filmcatcher video vaults, Mike Leigh chats up working without a script, creating an “anti-miserablist film,” and working collaboratively with Sally Hawkins to create the unsinkable central character of his buoyant new film, Happy-Go-Lucky.

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Snapshots: Mike Leigh and Sally Hawkins

September 29, 2008

New York Film Festival Snapshots sponsored by:

Happy-Go-Lucky director Mike Leigh and star Sally Hawkins

photo: C.J. Contino

First look: Mike Leigh and Sally Hawkins discuss Happy-Go-Lucky

September 26, 2008

Happy Go Lucky trailer

September 25, 2008

See Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky Saturday September 27th and Sunday September 28th during the New York Film Festival. See for more details.