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The filmlinc blog is 1! (And we’re moving to bigger digs)

September 2, 2009


We knew there’d be stories.

We’re talking about a 40-year-old organization here, the Upper West Side’s haven for die-hard film fans, and the host to many a filmmaker, from those just starting out to the celebrated recipients of our annual Chaplin Award.

We knew there’d be stories, we just had no idea there’d be so many, and that they would involve breaking the news of film installations in subway tunnels, decoding hipster-nihilism over sake with Armond White or taking a new look at a familiar child star during the New York Film Festival.

But the filmlinc blog has gone all those places, and many more, over the past twelve months. While keeping you connected to events at the Film Society, we’ve also sought out new voices, joined forces with institutions like the Brooklyn Museum on the Wikipedia Loves Art initiative, explored the implications of new technology on what we do, and filed more than a few interviews with critics, filmmakers and preservationists.

Last year saw 431 posts from over 30 contributors, and over the next two weeks, we’ll be reprising some of our favorites, along with new content from the Film Society, and in advance of extensive daily coverage of the upcoming 47th Annual New York Film Festival.

We are incredibly grateful to the readers and contributors who have helped us grow, and we hope you’ll join us in our new home for even more to come.

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Last chance to try for a shot at NYFF trailer fame! Contest ends September 9th!

September 1, 2009


The clock is running down, but there’s still plenty of time to try for a shot at festival greatness! Our NYFF Trailer Competition with the web’s foremost social network for filmmakers,, wraps on September 9th. That leaves you all of Labor Day weekend to put the final touches on your masterpiece. Remember, a lot’s riding on this: fame, glory, and VIP access to the New York Film Festival.

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