A month of duels: Soderbergh vs. Tarkovsky

In the spirit of some of the greatest duels in the history of drama (we’re thinking Shakespeare here, of course), we present to you a month of duels: we put forth two contenders, you decide the winner.

First, the original Russian trailer for Tarkovsky‘s Solaris:

Second, the 2002 George Clooney-starring Solaris remake by Steven Soderbergh.

Who’s the winner? Remember you can see the Tarkovsky original here on Thursday and Friday.

Stay tuned for more duels in the coming weeks!

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3 Comments on “A month of duels: Soderbergh vs. Tarkovsky”

  1. Matt Griffin, Film Society Correspondent Says:

    I worked on Soderbergh’s Solaris and convinced Larry Blake and some of the rest of the post sound and postprod crew to go see a beautiful camera negative print of SOLARIS at the Walter Reade. Blake’s verdict: “We have nothing to worry about. Did you see that dwarf?” And you know what, even among Tarkovsky fan friends there are those that agree with him. But my favorite cut of Soderbergh’s SOLARIS was his early rough cut temp scored to Glenn Branca. Such a powerful love note to the story, not at all worried about explaining anything to anybody. His final film is certainly visually stunning, and great score.

  2. They had nothing to worry about?!? We’ll be the judge of that, thankyouverymuch.

  3. i like them both, though tarkovsky is my first love.

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