Share your Movie Musical Memories — and win!

Musicals_w-passesSingin’ in the Rain · Grease · Top Hat · The King and I · Rocky Horror · Purple Rain · Viva Las Vegas · Cabaret · Ziegfeld Follies · Purple Rain · Meet Me In Saint Louis · Oliver · Swing Time · The Gang’s All Here ·  Love Me or Leave Me · Pal Joey ·  On the Town · Tommy

“What a glorious feelin’…”

“Let’s do the time warp again…”

“Life is a cabaret…”

They’re the kind of songs that get stuck in your head, and they’re movies that probably conjure up great memories.

I know they do for me. My sophomore year in college, I had survived a fairly dry film appreciation class, when, on the very last day, my teacher decides to show Singin’ in the Rain as a kind of pre-summer break treat. What a revelation! During the “You Were Meant for Me” number in which Gene Kelly can’t serenade his beloved without lighting effects and a wind machine, I was riveted. What a high level commentary on the artifice of filmmaking! It seemed instantly more illuminating that all of the obscure, experimental and self-referential works that had preceded it.

And, as I wandered the halls of The Film Society, lots of people wanted to share their “musical memories.” Our graphic designer Karen Weeks shared this: “First time I went to Rocky Horror I was in college and my friends dressed me up as Rocky Horror virgin in lots of pink. All the virgins were brought out in front of everyone and we had to do a pelvic thrust, I think. It was both humiliating and fun, because  and it was great to get all dolled up and treated as special and then of course not being a virgin I could go all dressed up to the nines.”

The programmer of the series, Josh Strauss said that: “I saw Oliver at first when I was five and I will always remember it. It was just such a big exciting extravaganza with incredible sets and performances.”

We are all really excited about this Musical Marathon and we hope you’ll join us this Fourth of July weekend. Feel free to share your own “musical memory” in the comments below. We’ll choose our favorite story on Tuesday, June 30th and that story’s author will receive two passes to our Movie Musical Marathon!

Check out the whole schedule of films.

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3 Comments on “Share your Movie Musical Memories — and win!”

  1. One night, I had a dream — a very Cabaret-like dream, and it somehow (strangely) involved Britney Spears. Perhaps it was because Susan Egan, who starred in the Broadway version went to my high school and I had seen her in a recent production. Perhaps it was because I was on the Britney Spears beat at MTV News at the time, who knows. Dreams sometimes make no sense. But I mentioned the dream the next day to her tour manager, who I was somewhat friendly with on IM, as a kind of, ‘Wouldn’t this be a wacky and kinda cool thing if it happened?’ suggestion.

    Time passes. But the next thing I know, when Britney Spears launches her Onyx Hotel tour, the tour has a Cabaret-theme in a lot of the numbers, especially when it came to costuming and staging. Strange, since her music didn’t actually suggest it. Did my Cabaret dream come true? Did it actually influence Britney Spears? It could have been purely coincidence, and not a factor of me sharing my dream at all. But you never know…

  2. 1994, I was a freshman in High School. I joined theater and befriended this kid David, David was a real out there character so of course we became fast friends almost immediately. David and I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the John Harms Theater in Englewood NJ. I loved the show, the songs were catchy, everybody was screaming like a bunch of nuts, and I was getting hit on like crazy and for a freshman thats the coolest thing, we ended up meeting Richard O’Brien at the show and learned a lot about creating Rocky Horror, The next weekend David took me to a midnight shadowcast performance of the show at a theater in Paramus NJ, From then on I was hooked on Rocky.

    To make a long story short( too late), Since 1995 I’ve been a Rocky loyalist and have joined several Rocky shadowcasts around New York and New Jersey performing as Brad and very rarely I’ve played Frank. Up until my hiatus in September of 08, I was performing with The Home Of Happiness cast in Bergenfield NJ. I’ve spent 13 years of my life, acting and singing and being crazy in Rockyland and haven’t regretted a moment.

  3. Vanessa Lorenzo Says:

    My friends and I are fiends for certain musicals. We particularly love Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Across the Universe and Rent. We watch each of these movies at least once a month.

    This past year a friend and I were setting up the thanksgiving dinner for our student run organization. We sat down to dinner and after we went around and said what we were thankful for I started “Dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes.” My friends quickly joined in and before you knew it we were doing our own rendition of “La Vie Boheme” at our dinner table, although it was much less choreographed. It was fantastic.

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