BREAKING! The Film Society enters the third dimension!

IMG_3447This may be old news to all of you Coraline fans, but it was a big day for those of us who inhabit the Walter Reade Theater and its environs. Yesterday afternoon, the kind folks at Dolby stopped by with a demo of their current 3-D projection technology. A few of the staffers were treated to show in which little animated flies hopped aboard the Apollo 11 space mission and U2 romps through a pyrotechnic concert setting. Bono actually touched me…well, in the completely synthetic, slightly trippy 3-D sense.

According to Dolby reps Tom Kodros and Paul Capuano, “Hollywood is hot for 3-D.” Which may be all well and good, but what does the technology mean for the types of specialty films that the Film Society is famous for? Probably nothing for quite a while, but it was interesting to see 3-D applications that go beyond the gimmicks that the technology has normally been associated with. What’s most exciting about 3-D is certainly its potential as an exhibition tool–to make the film-going experience more dramatic and dimensional, even if we’re not talk about about flying saucers bursting from the screen. And 3-D exhibition may not be so far off in the Walter Reade. According to the guys from Dolby, our digital projectors are already set up to run 3-D: all that’s required is an additional add-on kit.

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