“Made in NY”: Free walking tours of famous NYC movie locations from the Mayor’s Office


We’re a movie city, no doubt about it. Who among us hasn’t wandered down the block to grab a quart of milk only to be held back by a clipboard-wielding P.A. who just needs us to “lock up” traffic for a second while Steve Buscemi drives by on a Vespa? We live with it, because we have pride of place, and besides, nothing in Vancouver is ever going to measure up to our authentic urban gravitas, right?

Well, the City of New York, along with the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, has just given us a least one reason to look a bit more kindly on those big white trucks and burly crew folks crowding the sidewalk of our favorite cupcake shop: walking tours that spotlight some of the city’s most indelible movie locations. While these tours are probably targeted at mass tourist appeal, there are some gems on the first two podcasts that focus on Lower Manhattan. Where was the titular apartment in Billy Wilder’s The Apartment? And the CIA office in the classic Three Days of the Condor? To find out, download the podcast below, put on those walking shoes and enjoy.

Download Tour 2: Battery Park to City Hall: featuring Klute, Patterns, Wall Street, Desperately Seeking Susan, Working Girl,  Men in Black and more.

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