Grunge is back at the Film Society: two top 10s from the early 90s

In honor of our special presentation of 1991: The Year Punk Broke, the filmlinc blog asked the DJs who will be providing the soundtrack for the evening’s festivities to suggest playlists that will get us primed.

We hope these tracks will take you back to the days of flannels and Chucks, the last recession, and the moment when Nirvana was but an opening act to Sonic Youth. Feel free to share your own favorite early 90s tracks in the comments.


Picks from Michael Goodstein, Choking on Cufflinks (WFMU):

1) Pavement – Circa 1762
2) Dinosaur Jr. – Tarpit
3) Beat Happening – Bewitched
4) Unrest – Suki
5) Bikini Kill – New Radio
6) Superchunk – Throwing Things
7) Ciccone Youth – Tuff Titty Rap/Into the Groove(y)
8 ) Leaky Chipmunk – Our Secret
9) Velocity Girl – Warm/Crawl
10) Mercury Rev – Carwash Hair


Picks from Max Wowch, Burger Time (Viva Radio):

1. Nirvana – Sliver
2. The Nation of Ulysses – A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid Is a Dead Kid
3. Polvo – Can I Ride
4. Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball
5. The Jesus Lizard – boilermaker
6. Dinosaur Jr – The Wagon
7. Mudhoney – Sweet Young Thing (Ain’t Sweet No More)
8. Gaunt – Jim Motherfucker
9. Ween – Doctor Rock
10. Wipers  – Is This Real? (90s Subpop reissue)

Be sure to join us for the screening of 1991: The Year Punk Broke and afterparty on Monday, May 4th at 8:15. You can dance, mosh or just scowl to the vintage tunes the DJs select, plus enjoy complimentary beverages during the afterparty from Stella Artois and 42 Below Vodka.

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