Introducing the filmlinc blog’s new contributing editor!

Well, he’s not exactly “new” to readers of the filmlinc blog. But we are pleased to announce that after putting Nick Feitel through a series of hazing rituals assignments such as interviewing Armond White and attending a New Directors party, we feel he is worthy of the enhanced responsibilities of a contributing editorship. In his new role, Nick will continue to provide his usual incisive interviews and charming dispatches on events at the Film Society, while also working to provide expanded coverage for everything film related.

From Mr. Feitel’s bio:

Nicholas Feitel has had an opinion since before he knew how to properly express it. Back then, it was just “Wah!”, but over time he’d like to think that it has evolved. Before joining the blog, he was a Contributing Film Critic for the NYC weekly, Gay City News, a position he held for four years. He is currently in production for his thesis at NYU-Film, Loser, starring Zephyr Benson and Jay O. Sanders. He is, in fact, of legal drinking age.

Please join me in congratulating the newest member of our team!

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