UPDATED! ND/NF the last weekend: your guide to making the most of the rest of New Directors/New Films

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Friday, April 3

At the Film Society of Lincoln Center:

3:00 Half Nelson (Critic’s Choice) – Prep for Sunday’s Teaming Up: A Conversation by taking in this much buzzed-about 2006 debut.

6:15 Mid-August Lunch – “A sprightly comedy (almost Shakespearean in its farcical scope) that blends the viewer’s empathy for rock-and-hard-place bad luck with a bit of charming sentimentality,” writes Tom Treanor. Read the full review>>

9:00 The Milk of Sorrow – despite a lifetime of certainty of the worst, Fausta hasn’t been entirely crushed. In the core of her being smolders an incredible power and beauty,” writes Matt Griffin. Read the whole review>>

At MoMA:

6:15 Harmony and Me

9:00 Can Go Through Skin Tim Young writes that the film “employs striking camerawork and occasionally transcendent use of pop music to create an intimate, nonjudgmental portrait of a woman working her way through a serious trauma.”  Read the whole review>>

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Saturday, April 4

At the Film Society of Lincoln Center:

1:15 Autumn (see above)

4:00 Can Go Through Skin (see above)

6:30 Ordinary Boys, with KillerFor us, the experience of playing Killer was a unique part of being a teenager in NYC – riding the subways in the middle of the night, staking out opponents in random neighborhoods for hours on end, breaking into houses and getting chased through the streets. It was stupid and reckless and cool,” says Killer co-director Jack Pettibone Riccobono. Read the whole interview>>

9:00 Give Me Your Hand – “With Give Me Your Hand, [director] Vincent perfume-composes a new genre by sifting in twin/road movie  (primary scents) with youth-on-the-run, story of siblings, and post adolescent sexual awakening (modifiers) and the erotic, uncanny, and metaphysical (blenders),” writes Matt Griffin. Read the whole review>>

At MoMA:

3:45 Mid-August Lunch

6:30 Home (see above)

9:00 Parque Via – Writing for indieWIRE, Howard Feinstein says: “Another addition to the resurgence of quality Latin American film, this revelation from Mexico is minimalism at its most effective, an assured work that shocks the blase viewer when it steps into thriller territory.” Writing for the filmlinc blog, Melanie Shaw says: “Parque Via is minimalist, realist and humanist. Rivero charms the audience with the gentle, peculiar, loyal Beto and propels the movie with one question: how, without this house, will Beto live?” Read the whole review>>

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Sunday, April 5

At the Film Society of Lincoln Center:

12:00 Teaming Up: A Conversation (ND/NF Special Event) Half Nelson directors and ND/NF alums talk process in this special event.

1:30 Parque vía (see above)

4:00 Harmony and Me

At MoMA:

1:30 Ordinary Boys + Killer (see above)

4:00 Give Me Your Hand

7:00 We Live in Public Nick Feitel writes: “at it’s best, We Live in Public plays like Shakespeare; it gives us a tragic figure to illuminate the folly in our own lives. For if we can intuit from the film that a world where we are all in the public eye is one doomed to failure, then we must wonder what sort of world exactly we live in now. Read the whole review>>

7:30 We Live in Public

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See the entire New Directors/New Films slate

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