New Directors/New Films: Your ULTIMATE weekend guide


Get out yer calendars, this is shaping up to be one action-packed weekend in New Directors/New Films land. Here are some tips from the filmlinc blog’s New Voices about what to see this weekend:

Friday, March 27

6:15PM – MoMA – The Maid / La Nana Aily Nash writes: “This film’s great strength lies in its incisive portrayal of the character Raquel, perfectly embodied by Catalina Saavedra. Just enough attention is paid to the supporting characters to show how Raquel maneuvers the varying personalities and inhabitants of the household.” Read the whole review>>

9:00PM – MoMA – Cold Souls: Nick Feitel writes that “[Paul Giamatti]  is so much a schlub, a wonk, a beardo, a sufferer that it is endlessly fascinating just to get caught up looking in his face, as the film does in many expressive shots, as we search his eyes for the remnant of a soul.” Read the full review>>

9:00PM – FSLC – Treeless Mountain Jessica Loudis writes: “While [the New York Times’ A.O.] Scott is right in locating Treeless Mountain among the ranks of contemporary realist film, where Kim succeeds is in surpassing the genre’s limitations, allowing her characters to quietly reflect the depth of their surroundings, as opposed to the other way around.” Read the whole review>>

Saturday, March 28

3:00PM -MoMA – Barking Water Matt Griffin writes that “This film, like the couple at its center, like all roadtrips, finds great moments along the routes of local two-lane highways.” Read the whole review>>

3:30PM – FSLC – Stay the Same Never Change Christian Del Moral says: “This isn’t Dorothy’s Kansas, but within its high-concept non-driven plot there’s an eerie beauty, strong feelings and compelling imagery.” Read the whole review>>

6:00PM – MoMA – “Paper Soldier, a Russian film from director Alexey German Jr., takes a street-level approach – or more specifically a gray, damp, muddy earth-level approach, to the Russian half of the space race, in an attempt to strip this proud moment in Soviet history of all its glory,” writes Tim Young. Read the whole review>>

6:00 PM – FSLC – Unmade Beds Morgan H. Green: “What keeps us guessing is not the characters’ personal and self-aware journey to a known goal, but rather the hope that chance will put them in a place that they are not yet aware of; a place where we know that they belong.” Read the whole reivew>>

9:00PM -MoMA – The Cove Nick McCarthy writes: “As the denouement of bloody red waters washes over the screen and the audience’s collective conscience, The Cove clicks—representing a significant blend of meticulously crafted cinema and call-to-action activism.” Read the whole review>>

9:00PM -FSLC – Louise-Michel: Of the prescient recession-era revenge comedy, Kazu Watanabe writes: “Though the real-real bosses in our lives will continue to exist, Louise and Michel’s anarchistic vengeance…offers a brief catharsis by way of laughs, humanity, and a little blood.” Read the whole review>>

Sunday, March 29

2:00PM – FSLC – The Fly / Mukha: Wayne Titus: “In this quirky Russian family drama, director Vladimir Kott captures the dank, inhospitable corners where life sometimes abandons us.” Read the whole review>>

2:00PM – MoMA – Treeless Mountain

4:30PM -MoMA – Every Little Step

5:00PM- FSLC – Cold Souls

7:00PM – MoMA – $9.99 Matt Griffin says the film is “staggeringly intimate and multivalent. Her film is itself peer to the creative achievement of Etgar Keret’s highly acclaimed stories — the two-, three-page pocket-universes that are the source for the film’s script (developed and co-written with Keret).” Read the whole review>>

8:00PM – FSLC – The Maid / La Nana

Wondering what to do you do if you have champagne taste in cinema but live on a Clerks-style micro-budget? You grab up a Student Series Pass for $35 or you take advantage of $10 rush tickets by going up to the box office right before a screening. Check out the full slate>>

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  1. danny Says:

    Very informative!

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