Introducing the filmlinc blog’s 2009 New Voices!


New Directors/New Films is a film festival of a different ilk. Each year, The Museum of Modern Art and The Film Society of Lincoln Center unveil a brand new line up of total newcomers on the filmmaking scene. And while festivalgoers must pour over a program of unfamiliar names–Mabel Whosis? Johnny Whatnow?–they flock to screenings at the Film Society’s Walter Reade Theater and MoMA’s Titus 1 knowing that they are seeing the Pedro Almodóvars, Spike Lees, and Wong Kar Wais of the furture. How can they be so confident that all this nascent talent will pan out?  All of those notable auteurs were featured as part of New Directors/New Films early in their careers.

We know you’re going to discover some amazing talent at New Directors/New Films this year. But don’t take our word for it. This year, in the spirit of all that is new, innovative and fresh–all that is New Directors/New Films–we here at the filmlinc blog are going to do things a little differently. Namely, we’re turning this joint over to the most talented, passionate and articulate film-lovers we could find. Starting tomorrow, come here and let these New Voices point you to some of the festival’s most exciting offerings.

So, without further ado, please meet the filmlinc blog’s 2009 New Voices: Nick Feitel, Jay Felty, Morgan Green, Matt Griffin, Brandon Harris, Jessica Loudis, John Magary, Michael Masarof, Nick McCarthy, Aily Nash, Melanie Shaw, Sam Song, Wayne Titus, Tom Treanor, Kazu Wantabe, Tim Young and Eric Yue. They’ll be offering daily dispatches, reviews, photos, video and more from the festival, and no doubt a personal lens on the emerging talent that this festival has become so famous for.

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