More web trivia treasures for Mavericks and Outsiders (Saturday Edition)

More hunting on the Inter-webs to add a few more details for Saturday screenings Michel Ciment’s Mavericks and Outsiders series on now with the Film Society that I didn’t cover in my trivia Friday Edition. Ah, unattributed IMDB trivia notes, how I love and disbelieve you. Decide for yourself. Or better yet, ask for confirmation/refutation during Q&As.

A number of sources cite True Confession (1981) as the still-reigning champion of the Black Dahlia features from the past several decades. Adapted by John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion, directed by Ulu Grosbard. I’m looking forward to seeing Robert Duvall with Robert DeNiro in a film with a reputation for compelling performances. Robert DeNiro came to True Confessions right after Raging Bull (1980), keeping some of the Jake La Motta weight for the new role. In fact, the theatrical release of True Confessions was pushed into 1981 to avoid competing against the Scorsese’s Oscar contender. A quote from DeNiro: “If we get through one shot before lunch or one day of shooting we considered ourselves lucky.”

After watching Ken Park (2002) at the Lake Placid Film Forum seated next to my sister, I don’t have to limit myself to abstract conjecture regarding the difficulty and cinematic punch of  Larry Clark’s work. (My sister admitted she, too, admired the film and was happy the festival presented Clark with an award for valor for pursuing these subjects, but there endeth discussion.) Here’s some fine work from the IMDB trivia poster brigade for Another Day in Paradise (1998):

  • The word “f*ck” is used 327 times in this 101 minute film.
  • The scene in the woods with James Woods and Vincent Kartheiser was completely improvised and involved Woods hitting Kartheiser repeatedly with his fingers. The gestures are so rough and sudden that you can hear each hit and see Kartheiser’s genuine surprise, respectively. Afterwards, Kartheiser went up to director Larry Clark and said, simply, “I didn’t know that motherfucker was going to hit me.”
  • Director Larry Clark didn’t believe that Vincent Kartheiser, then 18, was of a legal age for his role (involving nudity, sexual situations, and drug use) and wouldn’t cast him until he was able to prove his age. Kartheiser was cast once he produced his driver’s license.
  • This was the final movie to receive the famous “Two Thumbs Up” from film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.
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