Like Quentin Tarantino, maybe you have some questions for legendary filmmaker James Toback

Who is more challenging to direct: supermodels or the members of the Wu-Tang Clan? Who would be more intimidating to go three rounds with–Mike Tyson or Neve Campbell?

But seriously folks, the Film Society is excited to announce that James Toback will be appearing for this Saturday’s screening of his gripping 1978 drama Fingers, and for a Q&A afterward. As Quentin Tarantino wrote in his interview with Toback for the January-February 2009 issue of Film Comment: “in the late Seventies there was a kind of New York milieu in film with a certain kind of New York actor and a kind of fucked-up-in-the-head psychodrama. For a long time the only game in town was Martin Scorsese, but then came James Toback and after him Abel Ferrara. They comprised a trifecta of out-there balls-to-the-wall filmmakers on point with their obsessions. One of the things I always admired about Toback is that he was coming from a complete writer’s background. He is the real writer-director of the group.”

Fingers is the perfect illustration of what Tarantino is talking about–and you can see it during our series Mavericks and Outsiders: Positif on American Cinema.

And be sure to pick up the latest issue of Film Comment to read Tarantino’s complete interview with Toback. In it, they explore how themes that took shape in Fingers can be seen in Toback’s latest film, the documentary Tyson, as well as Taratino’s favorite Toback film (it’s surprising).

Buy Tickets:
Fri Jan 30: 2
Sat Jan 31: 4:30* Q&A with director James Toback

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