Positif-ly groundbreaking: A French lens on American indie cinema


Coco Chanel…Jean Luc Godard…pain au chocolate–let’s face it, the French have taste (their love for Jerry Lewis notwithstanding). Starting this Friday, take a look at a series of seminal American independent films through a Gallic sensibility during Mavericks and Outsiders: Positif Celebrates American Cinema.

Founded in 1952 by a group of film enthusiasts from Lyon, the film magazine Positif proudly proclaimed its links to a surrealist tradition that emphasized the subversive in art and celebrated filmmakers whose work sought to become part of political dialogue.

For the series, Positif editor Michel Ciment selects this survey of vital American indies, including Larry Clark’s Another Day in Paradise, Ulu Grossbard’s True Confessions, and Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane.

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What’s playing when:

Friday, Jan. 30
2:00 Fingers
4:00 Blue Collar
6:15 Wanda
9:00 The Honeymoon Killers

Saturday, Jan. 31
2:00 Wanda
4:30 Fingers
6:45 True Confessions
9:15 Another Day in Paradise

Monday, Feb. 2
1:00 The Honeymoon Killers
3:15 Keane
8:45 Reunion

Tuesday, Feb. 3
1:00 True Confessions
3:10 Reunion
8:30 Keane

Wednesday, Feb. 4
2:00 David Holzman’s Diary
3:45 Another Day in Paradise
6:15 David Holzman’s Diary
8:00 Blue Collar

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