Product Placement 101*


Kick that Habit: A Sound Movie by Peter Liechti (Drag City, $16.00): Originally produced in 1989, but unreleased on DVD until now, this 42-minute Swiss audio-visual anomaly captures a noisy-yet-wordless collaboration between experimental auteur Peter Liechti, and the sound-conspirator partnership of Norbert Moslang and Andy Guhl—a sonic duo who go by the alluring moniker, Voice Crack (as in, to use their words, “cracked everyday electronics.”) The film is one-part alpine-air travelogue mixed with scenes of the DIY-din meisters “at work,” i.e., acting like Euro-A/V geeks run amok amidst dated household appliances (attached to cranked-up amplifiers). For extenuated cinematic reference points think of both the existential landscapes of Chris Petit’s Radio On and the purpose-driven absurdity of Fischli/Weiss’s The Way Things Go. If the concept “porno for Neubauten” means anything to you, so will this disc. ( Jim O’Rourke gets it.)

*The first in an irregular series of irregular things.


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