Plot your escape from the cubicle farm with Playtime at the Film Society!

With an unparalleled attention to detail, fantastic scale and ingenious choreography, Jacques Tati’s Playtime might be credited with sparking the imagination of a thousand music video directors (including this one?). Tati’s grand, exuberant vision encompassed an epic set that may also put contemporary viewers in mind of a recent film by Charlie Kaufman. Tati was a true perfectionist, building virtually an entire city, dubbed “Tativille,” on the outskirts of Paris. Filming took nine years, and the final product must be seen to be believed. Trust us on this one, DVD really can’t do justice to this iconic 70mm production. That’s an astounding 35mm more than your run of the mill movie theater experience. Seriously, folks, this is going to be a one-of-a-kind event. Perhaps one worth ducking out of the old cubicle farm early for?

See it at the Film Society Mon Jan 5: 1, 3:30, 6 & 8:30

Read our own Kent Jones on Playtime on the Criterion site.

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2 Comments on “Plot your escape from the cubicle farm with Playtime at the Film Society!”

  1. damien Says:

    The sunny pool party in that R.E.M. vid looks NOTHING like Playtime. Have you even seen the film???

    If youre sooo into Tati’s “unparalleled attention to detail” then maybe you should proofread sentences like this before you post: “Tati’s grand, exuberant vision encompassed an epic set that may alo put contemporary viewers of a recent film by Charlie Kaufman.” English???

    Alo: what’s the point of linking to the Synechdoche imdb page? Most links have A POINT in that they redirect you to something specific you might as well have just said the title.

    Alo: its just bad etiquette to say it’s pointless to see this film on DVD and then hyperlink to the essay criterion commissioned.

    Whatever tho: this film is still awesome an you all shoudl come see it. Im pissed I’m not in new york anymore, I would LOVE to see this one again. TATI 4 LIFE!!!!!

  2. paul Says:


    if you have a problem with how the article is written, email the author. If you want to share something informative about the film, you should do that so the readers, like myself, can get some information about the film. I get that you love the movie, why not share that?

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