A poetic twist in the Wong Kar Wai challenge

Photo via Wallpaper

From commenter FTIN, this verse summation of Ashes of Time:

“Distance births desire;
Wine chides parole.
Swordsmen our agency,
fictions of the soul.

Worlds devoid of fathers,
brothers purport rule.
Money, loyalty equal
in the Jianghu.

Bodies efface gender;
Sand, victor o’er time.
Death a sop towards
Vicissitudes sublime.

Reliant on blindness
our faith is driven.
Betwixt love and pain:
Finitude forgiven.”

REMEMBER: because this is the rare contest not tied to the whims of Lady Luck or even a couple of beleaguered blog editors, you still have a chance to win! That’s right, Wong Kar Wai himself is the sole arbiter of the Ashes of Time Challenge! He will select the winning entry from all the submitted entries, and that lucky winner gets the new Ashes poster, courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics, a copy of Criterion’s new Chungking Express DVD, courtesy of Criterion, and ultimate bragging rights.

You have until midnight E.S.T., Wednesday December 3rd to concoct your own synopsis, free verse, or video interpretation. It’s still anybody’s game, people.

Read all the comments posted so far and post your own entry.

Special thanks to this contest’s sponsor, Criterion, owner of a spiffily redesigned website you should all bookmark now:


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