By request: Video excerpts from the Film Criticism in Crisis? panel

This panel, organized by Film Comment magazine and moderated by its editor Gavin Smith, brought together critics from around the world and close to home to discuss the current state and future of criticism during the New York Film Festival.

Participants included Jonathan Rosenbaum, Cahiers du cinéma editor Emmanuel Burdeau, Film Comment’s Editor-at-Large Kent Jones, GreenCine Daily editor David Hudson, O Magazine film critic Jessica Winter, Pascual Espiritu aka Acquarello of Strictly Film School, and Seung-hoon Jeong, former critic for Korean film weekly Cine 21, now in Yale’s PhD program.

You can check out new clips from the panel from the Film Society’s Youtube channel. HarryTuttle, this one’s for you. Enjoy!

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6 Comments on “By request: Video excerpts from the Film Criticism in Crisis? panel”

  1. HarryTuttle Says:

    Thanks a lot Amanda. I appreciate it. 🙂
    I hope others will be as interested as me.

  2. According to our linkbacks, this panel was huge in Portugal.

  3. HarryTuttle Says:

    Really? Maybe because Burdeau calls Pedro Costa the greatest filmmaker working in the world today… 😉

  4. HarryTuttle Says:

    The sound level is a bit low but it’s OK. Having an evidence of the debate is better than nothing at all. And you’re the first of the NYC summit on film criticism to ever release publicly an archive of the talks. Plus, I like the open-minded and prospective content of the discussion a lot more than what we’ve heard before.
    How much more was there after what we see in the videos? Some questions from the public? or did the guests had another round?

  5. Good news! We’ll post a full transcript to pretty soon (I’ll also blog it), and I will add some more video excerpts when I can.

    Agree it was a nice panel on the subject. Have you also seen Cineaste’s roundtable? It’s good too:

  6. HarryTuttle Says:

    Yes of course I’ve seen the Cineaste’s questionnaire, but it was a juxtaposition of opinions without interaction/confrontation/sharing…

    Thanks for the transcript. I’m looking forward to it.

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