Three movies + a panel discussion + farm fresh produce? That’s this month’s Green Screens in an (organic) nutshell

Their cows were rGBH free--how 'bout yours?

New Yorkers clamor for hand-tilled morels and sustainably raised pork, beef and chicken, but can Long Island family farmers sate their hunger, stay green and also remain afloat?

You recycle, tote cloth bags, and carpool to work. But would you ever consider actually growing your own produce on your front lawn?

What is that green thing in the back of the fridge and is it actually…edible?

These are just a few of the questions raised by this month’s triple-threat edition of Green Screens. Not only will you be able to explore issues vital to foodies, locovores, and every inhabitant of Planet Earth, you can also stay for a panel that brings together both farmers and filmmakers for a bountiful discussion of all things green. Did we mention that a veritable horn of plenty of local organic produce will be available for sale after the screening? This is no average night at the movies, that’s for sure.

Buy tickets to see Farming the Future, Homegrown and The Fridge: Mon Nov 3: 6

BONUS: Check out Manny Howard’s adventure in micro-farming for New York magazine, in case you are tempted to turn your fire escape into a field of greens.

Check out Homegrown’s official site.

Check out Farming the Future’s official site.

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4 Comments on “Three movies + a panel discussion + farm fresh produce? That’s this month’s Green Screens in an (organic) nutshell”

  1. Bigbuddy Says:

    what to say anyway nice

  2. HarryTuttle Says:

    I thought it finally might have been the promised “panel discussion” from the Film Criticism summit… I guess it’s not. Is it still on your to-do list? Or should I stop holding my breath?
    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. HarryTuttle, it remains on my to-do list, and thanks for reminding me! I’m going to look into posting at least some of it. Sorry for the delay.

  4. HarryTuttle Says:

    Thank you very much.

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