Truth or Dare: The Films of Andrzej Wajda starts tomorrow night!

Visual, political, and often highly symbolic, the films of Andrzej Wajda are difficult to categorize. No single visual style or strategy characterizes his films: His early work often employed intricately illuminated deep spaces, while his work in the ’70s featured a looser, more documentary feel. When Socialist Realism, the Stalinist aesthetic of exemplary working class heroes and didactic narratives, was the order of the day, Wajda’s films served as alternative or counter-histories to the officially sanctioned versions of events.

See the director in person this weekend:

Fri Oct 17: 7:30 The Promised Land
Sat Oct 18: 6:30 Everything for Sale
Sun Oct 19: 4:50 Ashes and Diamonds
Sun Oct 19: 7:30 Katyn

What people are saying about the series:

“Not only Poland’s greatest filmmaker but one who, throughout his long career, has demonstrated a remarkable knack for making movies that double as political events…The most complete retrospective an American institution has ever given the 82-year-old director. It opens with characteristic Wajda brio: First day’s screenings include Wajda’s 1954 debut, provocatively titled A Generation; his 1958 triumph Ashes and Diamonds (the greatest of all ‘youth films,’ a game-changer not only for Polish cinema but for national film industries throughout Eastern Europe)” ” – J. Hoberman, The Village Voice

“YOU NEVER KNOW QUITE WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A WAJDA PICTURE… The only thing, perhaps, that has prevented Mr. Wajda from becoming the sort of art-household name that Fellini and Bergman and Antonioni became is that his style, unlike those of his more famous contemporaries, is changeable, unsettled, hard to define.” – Terrence Rafferty, The New York Times

“Loooong overdue for a major retrospective, and Walter Reade is happy to oblige.” – Time Out New York

“A politically unflinching body of work that’s something like a contemporary and retroactive history-in-progress of the Polish nation.” – The L magazine

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