The 46th New York Film Festival…it’s here

Opening Night, Zeigfeld Theatre
Photo by: Susan Sermoneta

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2 Comments on “The 46th New York Film Festival…it’s here”

  1. Chris K Says:

    We’ve been attending the NYFF for the past decade or so & collecting the usually great tshirts. Why is this year’s design, so…plain? Seriously – it’s just a blue tshirt that says the “46th New York Film Festival” – no artful design, no great quote from Godard, Kubrick, or Lynch (like in the trailer) – no names of the directors? What gives? Has the economic meltdown affected the NYFF too?

  2. Dan S. Says:

    I agree about the t-shirt. I bought one just because I’ve been collecting them (last year’s design was BRILLIANT) but was sort of surprised by the plain design, especially after that wonderful opening with all those great quotes. What’s with this?

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